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Occupation Student/Volunteer
Location Florida, United States
Introduction I'm a 20 something Southern gal, married, and not your typical college girl. Not interested in going out partying and drinking, and would much rather stay home with a book (or a good gaming session). We live in an itty bitty duplex with a backyard, thank goodness. Have 2 border collies (Diocese and Endymion), 3 cats (Simba, Schafer, and Rumor), 3 rats (Kenji, Soraya, and Meiko), and a Hermann's tortoise (Koopa). They keep life funny.
Interests animals, books, gaming, marching band, dog training, law enforcement, getting through college quickly
Favorite Movies Pretty much anything Disney, Black Beauty, The Last Unicorn, Ruffian (well anything about Ruffian at all, really), boxed sets of my favorite tv shows (CSI, Law and Order, Scrubs, 24, Star Trek, etc.), and other random movies I don't remember.
Favorite Music Broadway musicals generally have good stuff. Disney movies, lots of movie soundtracks. Band music. I'm pretty open to anything as long as it isn't crappy rap/hip-hop junk.
Favorite Books You really don't want to get me started here. Sci-fi ("classic" sf, and some new stuff, Douglas Adams, Asimov) Fantasy (most fantasy, especially the Sword of Truth series, the Chronicles of Narnia, Lackey and McCaffrey) Animals (Thoroughbred series, Saddle Club, James Herriot, everything by Marguerite Henry, Redwall, etc.) Training (Don't Shoot the Dog, Click to Calm, Other End of the Leash, Bringing Light to Shadow and her book on rehabbing aggressive dogs, etc. I devour most training guides based on a mixture of operant and classical conditioning) Classics (Picture of Dorian Gray, Les Mis, Sherlock Holmes, etc.) The single best book I've ever read would have to be "The Last Unicorn" by Peter S. Beagle. The sentences and the words are just so beautiful I've literally teared up a little just from reading a passage aloud. The Book of the Dead (sequel to The Book of the Dun Cow) would have to come in second in that regard, though it is MUCH more morbid. One of the best written passages in the Book of the Dead is about a sparrow getting her tongue ripped out by a giant, evil wyrm. Yeah. I said it was morbid. So, yeah, that is the SHORT list. We literally have books covering most of the surfaces of the house. ^_^