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Location Atlanta, GA, United States
Introduction Just a girl with a fro who loves cake and all things dreamy. I blog because I just have too much to say to inflict on any one person.
Interests Baking, Daydreaming, Writing, Piano Playing, Daydreaming, Dog Playing, Running, Daydreaming, ...
Favorite Movies Amelie, Amelie, Amelie
Favorite Music Plumb, Flyleaf, Mat Kearney, Daft Punk, BT, Jem
Favorite Books A Girl Named Zippy (aka Zippy 1), She Got Up Off the Couch (aka Zippy 2), Malcolm Gladwell anything

You're trapped in a well with a goat and a slinky. Describe how you will escape.

I will decorate the goat's horns with my slinky, all while singing madeup songs to it. My singing will echo off the walls of the well, and a passerby will hear me and rescue me. He'll also be tall, dark, and handsome. With green eyes. And perfect teeth.