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Introduction After completing ‘Highers’ in school, I joined the Civil Service in Inverness in the Accountant and Comptroller General’s Branch. Several quick promotions took me to the Head Office in London, and further promotions to the General Accounting Division, with links to the Treasury. This involved me in the preparation of National Budgets. I also was entrusted to handle the most confidential investment papers of Her Majesty the Queen and personally repaid to her the income tax deducted on these investments, which at that time the Monarch was not required to pay. It was whilst working on Government finance that I became aware of the appalling waste of resources on weapons of mass destruction, which could never be used without causing the end of civilisation. On retiring from the Civil Service I joined the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and was elected National Convener of the Scottish Campaigns' Committee and served as a member of the Scottish National Executive. I was Vice President of Scottish CND. (Sadly, John Jappy passed away on 14th February, 2018. Nevertheless, we continue to make the public aware of his exceptional articles.)