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Introduction My grandmother was a seamstress when she lived in Tchekoslovakia back then. Then later, when we knew her, she always owned this old pedal-operated Singer sewing machine. I was so impressed by this whole business but she never wanted to teach me, said I should learn on a modern sewing machine. Then one day, years after she passed away, I got myself a Singer sewing machine - a "modern" one, as she would say. And I started teaching myself, as she was not there to teach me anymore. This was a few months ago. And since then, I have become obsessed with sewing. I am slowing discovering this whole culture - sewing techniques, fabrics, designers... A whole world I had no clue about. And here I am - starting a blog. I am not very good at sewing - I am getting started and make many mistakes. But I love it so much! And I hope to get very very good someday!