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Introduction UKBA(HMRC) have stopped me on various occassions bringing back cigarettes for my own personal use and never once have l had them confiscated and destroyed. l'm not talking about UK Customs guidelines of 16 cartons, l'm talking of 50, 75 or even 100 cartons ... l've never lost any. Amounts brought vary as to one's own personal smoking needs. We don't recommend any set amounts, that depends on you alone. What we will do is give you advice based on actual experience and knowledge. Our fellow citizens are being unjustly harassed by our own government and agencies. This is wrong and we will do all within our power to help people shop in the EU as is their right. We don't condone smuggling but neither do we condone everyone being treat as a smuggler. What is happening on our borders is a disgrace. Let us help each other and bring this to an end. Expose the secrecy behind what the UKBA actually do. We don't believe all UKBA officers are unjust but as an organisation they most certainly are................. If you are still not confident of going EU shopping even with all our advice then contact us and we'll go with you ... there and back!