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Occupation Part-time Superhero
Location a place of Zen, in state of reality
Introduction I'm a part-time superhero, Artist, and a Roman Catholic. Trying to get a bit more fit in mind, spirit, and body. Email me: articicle (the swishy at thing) yahoo (dot or is it really a period) (com)
Interests miniature wargames, Model Trains, cartooning, diet, fitness, exercise, Reading, Theological Studies, Art, fools fitness, drawing cartoons, portal to art, foolsfitness, existentialism
Favorite Movies Star Wars, Star Trek, Willow, Band of the Hand, Doc Hollywood, Batman, the world's fastest indian, flushed away, dodgeball
Favorite Music B-52s, Prince, Mettalica, Swing, Classical
Favorite Books Holy Bible, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintanience, Robenson Crusoe, Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars stuff, Harry Potter, comic books, Green Hornet, Gambit, Mark Twain, Plato, Victor Frankl, joeseph campbell

Which do you prefer and why: whittling with soap or whistling with wood?

Why can not I like both? Or even dislike both equally? Or whittle wood? After all whittling wood was one of the things that made America great! Whittling wood gives great men a chance to think. The REAL question is the question itself. Why are "they" convertly oppressing the wood whittlers out there?