Robin (Bumblebee)

About me

Industry Consulting
Occupation Marketing Research
Location A small farm (sorta) in Huntingtown, Maryland, United States
Introduction Alas, my paying work in life is mostly sitting at a computer or traveling somewhere to talk about what I did sitting at a computer. But hardly a day goes by that I don't get to spend some time outdoors looking at the trees, grass, plants, birds and sky. Usually it's because the little dogs demand their sniff time and drag me along as their chaperone. But I also spend a good chunk of time outside working in the garden. Why do I love the garden? Here are just a few reasons: --My garden shoes don’t have high heels and don’t pinch my feet. --I can wear shorts, which means it’s not winter anymore. --I can’t hear the phone ring out there. --There is no email in the garden. (Even I don’t carry my Treo with me to pull weeds.) --I don’t have to worry about my little dogs having potty accidents. --I generally lose track of time. --And, of course, there’s all that good food! Since moving to the country I've been working on being an amateur naturalist. My blog,, is a journal of my experiences.
Interests Gardening. Birds. Nature. Reading. Cooking. Adventure travel. Luxury travel. Spas. Cooking. Music. Yoga. Performing death-defying acrobatics. Competing in motorcycle stunt racing. The list goes on and on. (Just kidding about those last two.)

You can whistle and steam can whistle, so why do you sing in the shower?

Because the little dogs howl or make whining noises if I sing anywhere else. (They are not opera lovers.)