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Occupation Stay at Home Mommy and Full-Time Crafter
Location Iowa, United States
Introduction I am a mother of *almost* 3 and married to my extra-hunky Marine husband. We are high school sweethearts and best friends. We live in Iowa right now, but our hearts definitely still belong in North Carolina, where we grew up. When I was little, my grandmother taught me how to sew and how to make things with toothpicks and cotton balls. She would let me help her in the kitchen - baking and making jams and jellies. She was a fabulous cook. I know it was just to keep me busy and out of trouble, but it really fostered my love of crafts. She would read me stories at night, which fostered my love of reading and my imagination. I want to give these traits to my kids. I have always known that I am an artist. Regardless of whatever else I CAN do - all I WANT to do is make beautiful things. I am most happy when I am making a new quilt or sheets for the girls' beds or painting. It is who I am. Whatever else I do in this life, I will always make time for the things my grandma taught me to do.
Interests Making some fabulous quilts, Sewing up a storm, Creating photographic art, Creating (mostly) edible art, Spending time out doors... in a tent or a cabin, Crafting with my young-uns, Getting all wrinkly in the water (I'm part fish, I think)
Favorite Movies Memoirs of a Geisha, Practical Magic, Constantine, Sweet Home Alabama, Transformers, Water for Elephants, Star Trek (with Chris Pine), Thor, X-Men, The Secret Life of Bees
Favorite Music Alice in Chains, Chevelle, Tantric, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Florence + the Machine, Adele, Metallica (before they sold out)
Favorite Books The Secret Life of Bees, Savannah Breeze, Savannah Blues, To Kill a Mockingbird, Island of the Blue Dolphins, War of the Worlds, Nora Roberts' "The Bride Quartet" series

Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?

Because the hemoglobin in blood contains metal... pennies contain metal... when you lose a tooth, you bleed...