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Introduction Project Day started a few years ago when my sister and I and our kids needed a break from the monotony of winter days. Each week we'd get together and give the kids some sort of structured "project" to do before we let them play together while we drank coffee. The children loved it, and pretty soon I was searching everywhere so that I would have a good project every week, because as my niece pointed out, some projects just "weren't very good." Since the official "project day" began, projects have taken over my life. In our house there are not chores, there are "Daddy's projects" and "Mommy's projects." There are "painting projects" and "garden projects." In some respects, I see my own life as "God's project." My kids are certainly a project! So, I thought I would share some of these projects (along with the helpful hints of my experience), and maybe motivate you to try a project too.
Interests Kids projects, Home improvement and Decorating projects, Calligraphy, Books