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Introduction I used to live in the the Bibleverse but now I see it as a fantasy, not reality. I think it is possible to imagine a higher moral system. If there was a loving, good God then everyone would go to heaven or cease to exist. I like the Bible much better now that I see it as guesses by primitive peoples. I think the orthodox image of God is not truly divine. Orthodoxy does not present a perfect image of godliness. Christopher Hitchens says something like; that the stories of Holy Writ give the impression of a God who is not great. A morally perfect God wouldn't do an unjust, cruel, unfair thing like sending people to eternal torment. The ancient Greeks asked themselves what was the worst that could happen after death? - eternal torture? A perfectly competent God wouldn't have allowed a hell to come into existence, A loving, good God wouldn't have allowed the world to exist after Adam and Eve if most were doomed. I believe love is the guiding star and I still have faith in the riddles of love your neighbour, love your enemy, treat others as you want them to treat you
Interests History of Religion & Western Philosophy, Comparative religion, Higher Bible criticism, Trying to figure out what is the reality about the human experience
Favorite Books Robert M Price, John W Loftus, Dan Barker, Valerie Tarico, Victor J. Stenger, Kenneth Humphreys, Gary Greenberg, C. Dennis Mckinsey, Richard Dawkins, Israel Finkelstein, Bart Ehrman