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Gender MALE
Industry Communications or Media
Location Bwari, Abuja, Nigeria
Introduction He's done a few good stuff, won one or two awards, and impressed a number of people, but of course at the end of the day, he is just another of the human specie, one who has a love-hate relationship with his weaknesses, and embraces his insecurities. He also loves the good things of life: food, beautiful women and money. Whilst he hates the finer things: shoes, suits and style! At the end of the day, how you would describe him depends a lot on where you meet him, who you meet him with and what exactly he is up to at that point in time, trust me. Journalist, creative writer, TV producer, TV presenter, events manager (and singer in his heart of hearts), he’s passionate and he’s sloppy, he’s silly and he’s wizened, he can be sharp and he can slack, he’s vain and he’s serious, he’s … Fill in the gaps, if you wish!
Interests Songs, Dance, Movies, Television, Celebrities, Girls, Books, Human Beings as Human Beings, Money, (and yes, no sports!)
Favorite Movies Conspiracy (Onyeka Onwenu was AMAZING), A Beautiful Mind, Monster (Charlize Theron), Basic Instinct and Monster's Ball (Together, for obvious reasons!), Hotel Rwanda (oh, oh, oh!), Ray, The Return (this is actually Kingsley Ogoro's best), Diamond Ring (Tade Ogidan), Ray, and could I ever leave out Meryl Steep's fantastic performance in The Devil Wears Prada
Favorite Music Onyeka Onwenu (Greatest Love), Onyeka Onwenu (One Nation), Onyeka Onwenu (Ekwe), Onyeka Onwenu (Dancing in the Sun), Onyeka Onwenu (Egwu Ekene), Onyeka Onwenu (Odenigbo), Yinka Davies, (Koluwa Ko So), Barbara Streisand (Tell Him), 2face Idibia (4 Instance) 2face Idibia (See Me So), Micheal Jackson, yes! (Speechless), India Arie (Brown Skin), Asa (Eye Adaba), Dido (White Flag), Dare Art-Alade (Escalade), Onyeka Onwenu! (Oh Brother)
Favorite Books Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Half of A Yellow Sun), Andrea Levy (Small Island), Wole Soyinka (The Interpreters), Hillary Rodham Clinton (Living History), Ferdinand Oyono (The Old Man and the Medal), Donald Trump (The Art of the Deal), Chinua Achebe (No Longer At Ease), Ben Okri (The Famished Road), Sefi Atta (Everything Good Will Come)

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

Oh these questions are so fooooolish! But after clicking for new question after new question I might as well stop here! What's there not to believe? They've got the same handle for one, and this is certainly more believable than the spoon evolving from the fork!