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Introduction I am an ethanol enthusiast and biofuels blogger. I fill up my 2005 Honda Civic with half of E85 fuel and half gasoline, at Propel Fuels, in California. Most gasoline engine vehicles are designed to run on at most 50 percent of E85 and gasoline. However, once I get my flex fuel engine converter installed, I will solely use E85. It is important to note that E85 is highly oxygenated and substantially reduces green house gas emissions and pollultants, such as carbon monoxides, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides. Please share why you choose to use E85 ethanol in your vehicle by uploading videos to Youtube. Let's build this movement together and help people obtain more information on E85 ethanol and flex fuel engine converters. Learn more on my blog and twitter pages: http://www.evolvewithe85.blogspot.com/... and http://twitter.com/EvolveWithE85. You can also learn more about E85 ethanol and engine converters at www.propelfuels.com, www.alcoholcanbeagas.com, www.ethanol.org, drivingethanol.org, www.chooseethanol.com, www.domesticfuel.com, www.ethanolproducer.com, www.ethanoltoday.com, http://www.flexiblefuelvehicleclub.org/radio.asp, http://ethanolacrossamerica.net/
Interests Salsa, West African dance, modern jazz, contemporary African fashion, loving humanity and reconciling, building family, learning about ethanol production and distribution, Brazil and its ethanol production, engaging the public about ethanol, international travel and sustainability, eating yummy fiber - grilled veggies & raw kale and collard green salads with olive oil, black beans, pears, pomegranite & lime juice!