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Introduction My name is Bonnie Jean Mitchell. I am a life-long friend of the good, friendly star people. I help alien abductees and contactees deal with alien abduction and secret government psychic attack, including MILABS. If you need help, please contact me. I work side by side with my husband John Mitchell. Together, we host the site where we post the best videos about what's really going on. I try to add a bit of laughter to the alien abduction subject by drawing comics of aliens and government agents. My cartoons are featured monthly in UFO Magazine. If you are feeling like there's not enough time in the day, you've got aches and pains, you can't believe the chaos around you, you're discovering new ideas all the time, and you are waking up to your true nature, you are going through the ascension process. You are one of many who are waking up as the frequencies change and we vibrate at a faster rate. Feel the LOVE in your heart and it will pull you through anything. Work through all your past dramas that are blocking your energy body and preventing you from progressing. Just let go, be happy,and LOVE.
Interests alien abduction, sacred geometry, spiritual ascension, indigenous wisdom
Favorite Books Invitation to the Self; journey with the star people