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Occupation Champion of Western Civilization
Location Wisconsin, United States
Introduction Googling "Churchill's Parrot" will gain you sundry news accounts as to my identity. Mind you, those accounts alleging I am NOT, nor ever have been Churchill's Parrot are utter and complete rubbish. Leftist plot to discredit and diminish my impact upon the political intercourse of the day don't you know! For more about me - click on the "My Web Page" link or see my "STATEMENT OF PURPOSE" post at Otherwise, I shall allow further personal details as follows: GENDER: Undetermined. YOU try sexing a (EXPLETIVE) bird! On second thought DON'T! BREED: African Grey, though I do fancy a bit of cross-breed-dressing from time to time. Anyone got a problem with that? ADDRESS: Previously -Surrey, England. As of March 27, 2010 we defected to the United States to live with the delightful family of our personal secretary, Mr. B. Walter Farley, in Wisconsin. It is our aim to devote the entirety of our efforts toward the American cause which, at present, appears to be teetering on the bloody brink! WANT MORE? Course you do. Go to:
Interests Thought / common bloody sense / preserving liberty and free enterprise / Dianna Rigg!
Favorite Movies I haven't got the time for such rot. What some ill-mannered, poorly raised, spoiled rotten ingrate in LA thinks about the world is of no use nor interest to me.
Favorite Music Marches/anthems/battle hymns/and the sound of my own heavenly trilling
Favorite Books WE SHALL NOT FAIL: The Inspiring Leadership of Winston Churchill by Celia Sandys and Jonathan Littman / DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA by Alexis de Tocqueville / RAVISHING RICHARD RETURNS by Midge "Sauce Kitty" Peters