James Tam 谭炳昌 (过渡)

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Gender MALE
Industry Environment
Occupation Storyteller 讲故佬
Location Hong Kong
Introduction I’m a sociable urban hermit, often labelled cynical because of a stubborn respect for old-fashioned rationality. For decades, I purified sewage and buried garbage to make a living, while watching the environment degenerate. These days, I tell stories about the self-endangered species of Homo sapiens. My novel MAN'S LAST SONG was branded a Cli-Fi. It’s neither dystopian nor utopian, just a fictional attempt to extrapolate mankind's future. I don’t mind contradictions and dilemmas (oh I love ironies) but the globalisation of greed and stupidity in triple-standards gives me the creeps. 我想做个城市隐士;不过既然藏身闹市,交际应酬还是在所难免。搞了几十年污水和垃圾,目睹满嘴仁义泡沫的国际政棍把我们的生存环境糟蹋,也只有叹息。现在专心写作,讲讲有关 “智人” 如何莫明其妙地把自己推向末路的故事。由于比较执着逻辑和理据,难免会被批评不识时务,甚至愤世嫉俗。我不介意矛盾;人生本来就模柃两可,但特别讨厌口是心非,三重标准,满口自由公义,不择手段把贪心和愚昧全球化的圣人渣滓。过渡有时是我的中文笔名。