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Introduction On 1 December I am getting on a Virgin flight to LA with my brother Tom to try and find his absolute hero Lars Ulrich, the drummer in Metallica. Obviously this is going to be hard, Metallica are the biggest metal band in the world - although I read the other day Metallica bothered to meet a 90 year old female fan, so hey, it's not impossible. But there's a couple of extra challenges. First, Tom has Fragile X, he is profoundly mentally handicapped. He lives in a quiet residential care home with about 20 other learning disabled folk. His speech is pretty hard to understand and, well, Tom's a complex character. Fragile X runs throughout my family in various different ways, it is a curse of sorts, if you want to get all medieval. Yet we know nothing about F-X really. As well as taking Tom to battle through his disabilities to realise a dream, Will and I have a lot to learn too. So we've decided this Mission to Lars should be a film. (No pressure there then.) My other brother, Will, is going to be director/cameramen. The Mission to Lars is a true gonzo, rock n roll roadtrip with real documentary value. We keep hitting obstacles, the whole thing's scary, man.