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Introduction As you've already guessed, I'm kinda twisted humor wise. I love my kids, but at the same time, I'd like to run away... Ever felt that way?? Where the bickering, nagging, motor mouth symptoms won't end, and that's just me! I haven't even started describing the kids yet! *snicker* I started this blog as a way to channel my inner humor. Its my hope that you find it (if not funny) at the very least entertaining. I love to laugh and poke fun at myself as well as my family, all in good fun, of course. Hmmm, what else?? I'm a comment whore, love to read comments (rarely get any), so if a particular blog inspires you to post a comment, please do! Criticisms are even welcome, though to do so does puts you at risk for a ninja kick. Ha! Thanks for visiting, feel free to share my blog with others! Happy reading!