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Location Bangalore, India
Introduction I like cracking lame jokes.I like laughing at lame jokes.I like sulking.I like throwing tantrums.I like rain and coffee.I like songs with sad lyrics.I like the piano.I like random fits of laughter.I like Juicy Couture.I like nice smelling boys.I like looking at myself in the mirror.I like dressing up.I like shoes.I like the colour black more than I like the colour pink.I like sleeping.I like Happy Feet.I like pissing people off.I like falling in love.I like random fights.I like dancing like a freak.I like dancing in my heels when nobody's at home to loud gangster music.I trust fast.I like drama.I like the phone.I like really loud music when Im pissed off.I like art.I really like art.I like being random.I like twirling.I hate milk.I hate school.I hate the summer.I hate male drama queens.I hate really pretty people.I hate not finding the perfect song at the perfect moment.I hate action movies.I hate it when plans don't work out.I hate waiting around.I hate you.I hate not having some one to talk to when I really need to.I hate it when the elevator in the building suddenly stops.End.
Interests Art, Colors, Perfumes, Shoes, More shoes, Did I say shoes?, Rain, Chocolates, Photography, Chewing gum, Lip glosses, Clothes, The usual girly stuff, Flip Flops, Mobile phones, Daniel (The ipod), Ireland, Irish people, Stripes, Letters, Poems, Text messaging, Drama, Tinkerbell, Music, Grey's Anatomy, Face wash, Winter, Dresses, Stars, Psychology, Rainy days, Cranberry Juice, Willy Wonka, Ice cubes, Light eyes.
Favorite Movies Step up, Almost Famous, Crash, Ps I love you.
Favorite Music The kooks.
Favorite Books Princess, Not Without my daughter, Do they hear you when you cry, Color Purple, 100 shades of White, Beyond Indigo, Harry Potter!, Run, Daughters of Arabia, Ps.I love you, Wish upon a Star, Sushi for beginners, Noughts and Crosses trilogy, Twilight Children, Everyone Worth Knowing.

Aren't papier mache cuts the worst?

Uh no, have you ever been cut by your stupid razor?