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Location United States
Introduction My favorite season is summer because I used to spend it traveling the continent going to Champ Car races, but thanks to a certain selfish pig of a Hoosier (TFG), I no longer have what I loved most in this world. I hate big heavy winter coats that make it uncomfortable getting into the car.
Interests Champ Car Racing, hockey, knitting, reading
Favorite Movies An Affair to Remember, Sliding Doors, Amelie, Ever After, The Sting, Mary Poppins, North by Northwest, Rear Window, Alexander Nevsky, Serenity, 12 Angry Men, Ocean's 11, Ocean's 12, The Italian Job (both versions)
Favorite Music Joy Division, The Cruxshadows, H.I.M., Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Tijuana Strip Club, Classical - particularly, Mahler, Tchaikowsky, Shostakovich, Beethoven, Dvorak, etc.
Favorite Books The Eight by Katherine Neville, The Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer, the Harry Potter series, anything by Dick Francis, Jack Higgins, Helen MacInnes, Martin Cruz Smith, John Sandford

Describe the sound of a moist waffle falling onto a hot griddle.