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Introduction Hi everyone. Thanks for taking a peek at my blog.My name is Kim and I was a person who was tired about being confused on what I should be eating for good health or wondering why I’m not getting the most out of my workouts. The health industry confused me so much, what supplements to take and of course all those fad diets. I decided to stop the confusion by enrolling into a school for natural health. It started with one course (Sport and Fitness Nutrition) then another(Nutritional Science) another (Natural Health Fundamentals) and another ( vegetarianism ) plus ( Natural Product Advisor ) However even though receiving a diploma and the title of a certified sport nutrition consultant (CSNC) and a Certified Holistic Nutritionist ( CHN ) the plan was to enrich myself and my family’s life, which is what I am fortunate to do. Being that I’m so passionate about living a healthy and natural lifestyle, I decided to blog about it. Hope you enjoy the reads and that they may enrich your life and may you be Nutritionally well