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Industry Arts
Location manhattan, new york, United States
Introduction Functionally insane, cheerfully depressed. I make a living as an artist/designer and I dream in public. I live/work in nyc usa. How are you?
Interests laissez faire laissez passer
Favorite Movies Fritz Lang, Fellini, Mario Bava, Ralph Bakshi, Faith Hubley, Maya Daren, Ridley Scott, Stephen Daldry, FW Murnau, Kenneth Anger, Mayles Bros. etc.
Favorite Music Crime And The City Solution/ Verve/ Nikki Sudden/ Rowland S Howard/ These Immortal Souls/ Dirty Three/ Hawkwind/ Stooges/ Thee Hypnotics/ Ziggy Stardust/ John Handy/ The Drones/ earth/ Cosmic Invention/ Roy Harper/ Black Moses/ Kyuss/ old Pink Floyd/ Led Zep/ Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds/ Masters Apprentices/ Tangerine Dream/ CAN/ Ghost/ Miles Davis/ Warlocks/ Brian Eno/ Ziggy Stardust/ Yeah Yeah Yeahs/ etc.
Favorite Books Anything by Jack London/ anything by RW Emerson/ Essay on Civil Disobediance and Walden by Thoreau/ The Prince by Machiavelli/ The Illusion Of Life by Ollie Johnson and Frank Thomas/ Beowulf/ Man in the High Castle by PK Dick/ Carnage and Culture by V David Hanson/ Age of Spiritual Machines by Neil Kurtzweil/ Man and his Symbols by Carl Jung/ Ken Minogue/ Visual Thinking by Rudolph Arnheim/ Fishboy by Mark Richard/ The Secret Life Of Salvador Dali/ Picasso and the 4 Cats by Maria Ocana/ etc.