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Occupation Registered Dietitian
Introduction My name's Amanda (long-hand for Manny). I'm a Registered Dietitian with a flair for whole foods. Sometimes, I play make-believe and become a food connoisseur: amateur Chef Manny is the name, and food is my LIFE. Though far-fetched, I must admit, this unfettered imagination collects people (affectionately dubbed my foodie friends, kitchen aids, or the occasional grocery moocher) from every traveled place. We pick, cook, and share heavenly delights from OUR backyard!
Interests Running, reading about the latest trends in nutrition-farming-food policy-and more books that don't make me such a food nerd, writing, cooking, EATING, singing (only in the shower with the fan blasting), EATING, experimenting, adventuring, living out of my suit case, gardening, EATING, and asking questions.