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Location Washington, United States
Introduction I love my freedom and wish this for the world. I consider myself spiritual however I don’t care to have religion shoved down my, throat. I have been on climbs, such as the Grand Teton and made it to the top. I have scaled Mt. Rainer several times along with other classic peaks in the state of Washington. I have climbed overseas and now I enjoy resorts with spa’s and a soft bed. (I don’t sleep on cliffs anymore.) However I do enjoy down hill skiing and hiking. I feed all the critters that come to the house, and enjoy nature. (I wouldn’t call animal control, because of a cougar in my back yard!) I feel if people live in the wild habitat, they should learn to live with what is around and enjoy it! Or move, the hell, away! (Like Seattle, 'in a condominium or something!) I love to be around intellectual people, even though I don’t consider myself one. I try not to judge, however my opinion is as good as the next guy. You don’t want to see me angry because that is when the razor sharp claws come out! Hence the name dcat. I seek the truth, so unless you have something important to say, you may post it in my comment section.
Interests Travel, animals, nature, Skiing. I have done Kayaking, Rock climbing, Mountaineering in earlier days.
Favorite Movies Pirates of the Caribbean, Practical Magic, Harry Potter, action adventure, science fiction as well as factual stories.
Favorite Music Jazz, Classical, Smooth Jazz
Favorite Books Biographies, history, travel.

Your bow is not broken but you've run out of arrows. How can you fake being a bard?

Recite poetry on a bow with no arrows while reaching for the M16 to get that apple!