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Occupation Big Shot
Location Chicago, IL, United States
Introduction A sporadic offering of the hilarity and clumsiness that is my wonderful life. I'm a Proud Grateful Drunk, sober since October 4, 2001. I haven't eaten anything with a face in 21 years - but I'm not a dick about it. I married the love of my life when after a long search we found each other - again. I am an animal rights activist and tend to be a Man Repeller. Coffee is now the ONLY VICE I HAVE LEFT. No alcohol and doing my best to stay quit with the smokes. These fucking babies better be worth it. God Dammit. The blog is called I want a Dumpster baby because my husband and I tried to have a baby and didn't have much luck. Let's just say it’s been a challenge. I love rescue animals and I would love a rescue baby the same way. Also, it’s way cheaper to find a dumpster baby than adoption and in-vitro. So it’s a joke, but really not at all. UPDATE - We have had success with in-vitro and had our first babies - a boy and a girl - TWINS - on January 7, 2013! So Exciting! We call them Hall & Oates, because we love Hall & Oates and think it's perfect. Hall is the girl because he's the pretty one.
Interests women in recovery, crazy people in general, animal rights, funny stuff, coffee, Yoga, jazzercise, your mom.