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Introduction I started Transcendental Meditation while in college, on the last day of 1977, around the time the so-called "flying" program was announced and the "movement" began to slowly morph into the bizarre sideshow it is today. I quit TM about ten years later. I later learned that some of the more disturbing things I'd seen during those years, including the mental deterioration of the person who'd originally pointed me toward TM, likely were the effects of TM and subsequent programs that were well-known among "movement" insiders. Knowing that, I eventually created the first website dedicated to critical examination of the TM program, minet.org. I was a co-founder of Digex, an early Internet provider, and with that access to the early Web created a number of other pioneering websites in the mid-1990's, including ex-cult.org. Today, along with my partner Lauren Sabina, I write about things that used to be avoided in polite dinner conversation, like the intersection of politics, sex and religion. We've even been published a few times on good old fashioned dead trees, and occasionally engage in a bit of activism here and there.