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Gender MALE
Industry Law
Location Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Introduction Snouck Hurgronje was a Dutch Orientalist and Scholar of Islam the son of a Reverend. Mr Hurgronje went to Jedda, Saudi Arabia, in 1884, convincing the Islamic authorities of his sincerity as a convert to Islam. As "Abd-el Ghaffar" he went down to Mecca, a city reserved for Muslims. Here he did an anthropological investigation into the city and its religious practices. Just before the annual pilgrimage or Hajj he was expelled. His travel report named "Mecca" made Mr. Hurgronje well known amongst Orientalists. Mr. Hurgronje had spoken to the Jawa, the Indonesian expatriate community in Mecca. He used his knowledge to assist the Dutch administration and military in the Dutch East Indies (present-day Indonesia) to assist in the defeat of the revolt on West Sumatra or Aceh. His dictum was that the Imams and Ulama had to be hit with harshness while the Aceh military caste had to be co-opted, as the Islamic religious leaderhip were the true leadership of the revolt. In his later life he went back to The Netherlands leaving his family there. He started a new family, naming his daughter “Christina”.
Interests Economy, History, Religion, War
Favorite Movies Taxi Driver, Donnie Darko, Zulu, Zulu Dawn, Gladiator, The Prestige, Das Leben der Anderen
Favorite Music Giacomo Puccini, Frédéric Chopin
Favorite Books Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, The Transformation of War, The Nuclear Jihadi, Mecca, War in the Heart of Islam, The Secret history of al Qaida, Modern Afghanistan a history of Struggle and Survival, Blott on the Landscape, the fall of france the nazi invasion of 1940, Russia under the Bolshevik Regime, History of the Russian Revolution, Merchant of Death, Bush at War, The Great Gamble, the Soviet War in Afghanistan, Unintended Consequences, Blackwater