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Industry Student
Occupation Following Jesus as best I can
Location United States
Introduction Hello to everyone! My name is Lucy--not short for Lucile, thank you—and I’m sixteen years old. I haven’t done anything great or noteworthy. I’m a quiet person who lives tucked away on a farm with chicken, honey bees, dogs and cats, and five younger siblings. I’m the eldest of six. I love fresh food, I hate insects, I can’t swim, I love to write, and God is the center, the core of my life. God has given me a need to reach people for Christ; I hunger to share His Good Word! I don’t know how that will manifest itself quite yet, whether leaving gospel tracts in the bathroom of Fred Meyer or going across the world to eat snails with island natives, but Ill go were He leads. I’ve grown up in a Christian family, but just recently I’ve realized what it means to be saved. God has changed me into a new creation and I love Him with all my heart.
Interests Trust me...I'm into a LOT of things.
Favorite Movies Master and Commander, The black stallion, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Duma, The Last Samurai, The gods must be crazy, Passion of the Christ, The sound of music, The Prestige, Pride and prejudice, Sabrina, Little Women.
Favorite Music Christian, Third Day, City on a hill, Nichole Nordeman, Classical, Vivaldi, piano, violin
Favorite Books millions of cats, MY CAT BEANY!, the cat who came home, the riddle master trilogy, the Winter Prince, A coalition of lions, The Sunbird, The Bible!, The Last Unicorn, The little prince, oh man---my brain just crashed there are so many The blue sword, The hero and the crown, the forgotten beasts of eld, In the forests of serre, Jane Eyer

You're trapped in a well with a goat and a slinky. Describe how you will escape.

I'll give the goat the slinky to keep him occupied so he won't eat my clothing, then I'll wait for someone to lower a bucket.