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Industry Student
Occupation Gamer, Kid, Artist, Writer, the list goes on..
Location Boringtown, Florida, United States
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Introduction Teenage girl who blogs as a way to escape real-life problems and other such things.
Interests Music, Books, Writing, playing guitar, blogging, crafts, pets
Favorite Movies Harry Potter all the ones so far, Earagon, Alice In wonderland (both Versions), the Hunger Games, the City of Ember
Favorite Music People are Crazy, Fireflies, Metallica, well and country, Japanese pop, Vocaloids, show tunes, and the list goes on....
Favorite Books Harry Potter, Eragon, 39 Clues, all Shakespear stuff, The daring book for girls, The double daring book for girls, The Hunger Games Series, TOO MANY BOOKS.

You forgot your mom's birthday! What can you make out of super glue and olive pits?

Uh... a necklace. Or nothing at all. I don't know! TELL HER YOU FORGOT, MAYBE O_O