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Gender Male
Industry Education
Occupation Professor / DJ / Hip Hop Scholar
Location Bethlehem, PA
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Introduction Often heard, rarely seen. Prof, writer, DJ and more
Interests Music in its infinite forms but especially breaks, originals, covers, and versions. Hip Hop through the lense of American urban history and sociology. Supporting, Promoting, Producing the Lehigh Valley Hip Hop Scene. Writing intellectual grafitti: posting the real sh*t in the netherworlds of cyberspace. DJing parties that change your life. Mixing tapes that are the soundtrack to that change.
Favorite Movies Wildstyle; Dead Poet's Society; The Warriors; Uncle Buck; Empire Strikes Back; McCabe and Mrs. Miller; Ghost in the Shell; Do the Right Thing; Mo' Better Blues; 24 Hour Party People
Favorite Music LPs or muscians that bent my ear, blew my mind, warmed the heart: De La Soul is Dead; B Boys: Paul's Boutique; PE: Nation Of Millions and Fear; Cube: Amerikkka's and Death Certificate; Bad Brains: Rock for Light; ATCQ: People's Instinctive Travels, Low End, and Midnight; Coltrane's A Love Supreme; Getz' Au Go Go; Main Source: Breaking Atoms; Black Moon: Enta Da Stage; Nas' Illmatic; Wu: 36 Chambers; NIN: Pretty Hate Machine; Jane's: Ritual; Police: Ghost in the Machine; Clash: London Calling; Stevie: Innervisions; Soul II Soul: Vol. I; Joy Division / New Order; Kraftwerk; Pete Rock, Jay Dee dubs; Supercat: Don Dada; Lee Perry and the Upsetters; Luis Flores and the Ultimate Break Beat Series; Beatles' Abbey Road; Stones' Beggar's Banquet; Stone Roses; Cocteau Twins: Victorialand and Heaven or Las Vegas; Doors; Sade; King Magnetic and Jinx WLVR Promos; and various influential mixes from Cloud Nine, PS Chase, KG, Lars, and a few of my own like Smilin' 45s, Roll n' Rock, and When We Were Very Young...
Favorite Books Indelible Ink: LeRoi Jones: Blues People; David Toop: Rap Attack; Trica Rose: Black Noise; Ego Trip's Book of Rap Lists; S.H. Fernando Jr's: The New Beats; Robert Caro: The Power Broker; Halberstam: The 50s and Summer of '49; Shaunnessey: One Strike Away; Robert Parker: Early Autumn; Walter Mosley: A Little Yellow Dog; John Irving: Garp, Hotel, Cider House, Owen Meany; Salinger: Catcher in the Rye; Joyce: Portrait of an Artist; Homer: The Illiad; Fitzgerald: Gatsby; TS Eliot: Four Quartets; Ellison: Invisible Man; Bill Waterson's Calvin and Hobbes; Berke Breathed's Bloom County; Peter Cross: Trouble with Trumpets; Keneth Grahame: Wind in the Willows; Cooper and Chalfant: Subway Art; Edmund Carpenter: They Became What They Beheld