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Location D.C
Introduction Hola, My name is Jamilla. I'm a Young, Shy, brainy Aspiring artist. I'm a senior at Duke Ellington school of the arts. I plan on attending an art school, which I would either like to major in Illustration(fashion illustration), or Fine Arts. I have a very creative and imaginative mind. I am a graffiti artist, dj, and breakdancer. I look up to those who have achieved at reaching success, and wish to be like them.
Interests Graffiti, Dancing, Photography, Musica, Custom Designing, Printmaking, College, DJing.
Favorite Movies Wild Style, Gran Torino, Seven Pounds
Favorite Music Hippity Hop to Gettin Down to Techno, to uprising to Bachata and Reggaeton, to gettin jiggy with it to Reggae an Dance Hall =p
Favorite Books My Blackbook, haha.