About me

Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation IT guy
Location KUL, WP, Malaysia
Links Wishlist
Introduction I've been told that I look like Suneo Honekawa (how I wish it was Takuya Kimura). I'm fickle (so typical of Librans and other member's of the Alternate society). I laugh and grin a lot (must be some Cheshire Cat genes in there some where too). I have a loving family. Plenty of friends (SK's the best!). And a single person who completes me-- my dear KH. Life has been all ups and downs. But I'm a Thurday's child, so I guess there 's still far to go. Drop me a mail at tanduk7 [at] hotmail.com.
Interests Anime, Origami, Movies, Fantasy Books, Underwear
Favorite Movies Snatch, The Matrix, Casino, Taxi, Spirited Away, Zatoichi, Nagina, The Swordsman
Favorite Music Misc Techno, Misc Folk, Misc Alternative
Favorite Books Neil Gaiman, Robert Jordan, Lone Wolf & Cub

How tall would you be if you had never cut your fingernails?

As tall as if I cut my fingernails!