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Introduction caliph. 'abdi. blogger. seeker. ponderer. "Dan kehidupan dunia ini hanya senda gurau dan permainan. Dan sesungguhnya negeri akhirat itulah kehidupan yang sebenarnya, sekiranya mereka mengetahui." [Ar-Rum,30:64] blog ini dicreate bukan untuk menyejukkan hati atau hanya tatapan mata...but feed these to your souls. hasilnya bukan hamba yang merasa, tapi kesan kehebatanNya dan agamaNya adalah untuk hamba & tuan hamba semua. inshaALLAH. but i love to convey these in the form of stories, might look like novels or kinda. bare with eye strains and sore fingertips by reading on the screen and clicking the tabs or tetikus as u guys scroll down. frankly speaking, most of the post are from the author personal experiences or her feelings toward sumthing until she created stories to express out those feelings. well,anything could be felt after read all these junky stuffs(i hope they all not), but just bury the past and comfort the future.InshaAllah. may HIS bless embraces us all.
Interests this site is for those who searching of God. if u have that desire, no matter who you are, what your religion are, your stand are, you are most welcome to peruse over. let's do something to revamp.
Favorite Movies sang murabbi mat luthfi90's youtube videos
Favorite Books 'pakcik' Gray's, Baby Robbins, Lippincotts brothers, human atlas