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Introduction I am JB,I only have 1200 character to write about me,not happening, it would take a lot more,considering I am totally amazing.I am very blunt.I say what I want to,not what you want to hear. I am still learning and growing. I do not walk around acting like everyday is perfect and I always have it made, cause some days I do not.I am about interacting with my fans, BUT BE respectful. I am taken and happily in love.Not looking for anyone, a dude or a broad. I have what I want as far as a family and a lover. What I am looking for is to enlarge my name more and be more successful. To entertain outside of the adult world and do BIG things.Being one the largest adult film stars was not my dream as a little girl ,but you live and learn. I will now utilize my name as a tool to achieve more and more and moreeeeee. I am really emotional, and I am a passionate person, I will succeed and I will deserve EVERY bit of it.My life and days are what I make it! What else, oh,they stare and they love me,they are obsessed and infatuated.My daughter loves me. I cus a lot, but at same time can be classy, theres a place and time for EVERYTHING.I make myself laugh,I'm covered in tats.I AM JULIA BOND.
Interests being a MOMMMMMY, being funny, laughing, writing, dancing singing, being MYSELF.
Favorite Movies I love Horror and also TRUE STORIES.
Favorite Music Literally ANYTHING but country. I have an open ear and an appreciation for music, I LOVE music.
Favorite Books I love biographies, anything about someones life and journey is amazing to me and really interests me.