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Gender MALE
Occupation Playing Video Games
Introduction not much to say here really, this is the internet after all, so everything I put up here will never go away. First and Foremost, I'm a gamer, video games have been my primary obsession since I was 3, name a console, I've played it (except for the Virtual boy and Nintendo 3DS, or any Home computer console.) name a genre, and I'll tell you my favorites in it, Video Games Rock. secondly, I'm something of a writer, not in the "stories and books" way, but in the way of writing what I think, thats what this blog is for, here I will catalogue my thoughts and attempt to start a career in Gaming Journalism. thirdly, I'm a big fan of Stories, all kinds, Movies, Books, and yes, Video Games, I have my favorite authors, directors and stories, but I'm not the biggest fan of cinema, why watch a static 2 hour film that never changes when i can make my own story at home in a video game that may last over 100 hours?
Interests games, video games, stuff, life, the universe, and everything, 42, literature, Runescape, Nintendo, Gaming Journalism.
Favorite Music anything by Joe Satriani or Rush.
Favorite Books every Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Book, everything Terry Pratchett.