Mario Rossi

About me

Industry Engineering
Occupation Electronic Engineer
Location Lombardia, Italy
Introduction I was born in the 50’s, I have two teen age sons who attend high school, I am victim as well as my wife and my children of a legal separation that could have been avoided. I like people who are loyal and coherent. I like people who are generous and sensitive. I like people who are capable of admitting their mistakes. I like people who have courage. I like people who are who they say they are. I like people who dream a better world. I like people who assist others. I like people who are capable of forgiving and forgetting. I like people who are independent. I dislike people who are liars and hypocrites. I dislike people who have no sympathy. I hate violence in all its forms: arrogance, stupidity, censorship, silence. I like art in all its forms, as creation of culture and sublime expression of human activity. Yes, well, my name is not Rossi, nor is it Mario. The name only is invented. All the rest is true.