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Location Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Introduction I am a 20-somethin’ gal, born and bred in AZ (a T-Loc!)… I love food, travel, and trying out anything and everything new. During the day, I turn up the nerdiness and crunch some numbers, write some reports, and analyze stuff. Come nighttime, I love tryin’ out new recipes, and hanging with my hubby. I don’t have any formal cooking training (well, unless you consider the 5-year-old-standin’-on-a-step-stool-at-grandma’s-stove some formal training)… I just experiment and see what tastes good. I was the 8-year old that watched Bobby Flay and wrote down recipes rather than the cartoons and video game crap (and I still love me some Bobby Flay)… I come from a family of eaters. I don’t just mean eat… When Grandma says let’s have a get-to, it somehow becomes a feast. I’m not a pro-photog, but I love taking pictures. I have a Canon G-10 that does the job, and a Sony A100 with a 30mm Macro and 18-70mm lens that can make things happen sometimes. Photo Credit: MadPiper Photography (Phoenix, Arizona -