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Occupation Solutionist
Location Sacramento, California, United States
Introduction I am a resident of California, where my wife (best friend) and I have lived most of our lives. I have a degree in Political Science and over the course of 40 years used my skills and knowledge to ensure that the public and its natural resources are protected, used wisely, and are sustainable. During the course of that period, I have provided assistance and guidance to tribes, government, individuals, organizations, farmers, ranchers, landowners, and others in reconciling issues of concern to them, and have been successful in those endeavors. In so doing this has become a way-of-life for me. As one of "We the People" I believe that is encumbent upon each of us to protect, defend, and preserve the rights and privileges guarentee by the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and those inalienable rights bestowed upon all, by the Creator. P.S. Please discard the reference to "team player" in the profile box; even my webmaster can't erase it. FYI: I come from several generations of "no sports"l therefore, in all honesty, I do not qualify as a "team" player.
Interests I am, by nature, a person committed to insuring that my personal actions and way-of-life are in alignment with nature's grand design. I have a passion to live a life that strives for mutual coexistance among all life forms on earth. I have and remain committed to facilitating those objectives, and by Grace I will accomplish before my life's end. It is my life ambition, as a human being to do all that is possible to live in Peace, and, always to acknowledge the scantity of life and treat the present as an eternal gift.