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Introduction I am small-minded and judgmental when I’m operating under my own power. But when Jesus gets a hold of me? All bets are off and He sets me on fire. I say things to friends I might not normally say, and write things I might not normally write. I take photos as if He’s the eyeball in my eye socket and, whoa! He shows me some breathtaking glory through my lens! I am wounded and limping, which frustrates my perfectionist tendencies to no end until I am vulnerable enough to share those wounds with someone else. When I share, I find others who remind me trying to be perfect is a lonely place to be. The broken spots are the ME TOO spots, where the rest of the wounded limpers hang out and lock arms with each other. Anyway… I know what you really want in the “about me” section is a more demographic description of who I am, so here it is: I am a transplant from Marietta, Georgia to St. Louis, Missouri. I am married to the smartest, most challenging, and most loving man I've ever met. I am the mother to two kids and we have an adorable dog named Smokey. I am a photographer (aka “visual worshiper”) and aspiring writer.

Why does the color blue mean raspberry-flavored?

Good question! Why does purple always equal grape? And grape flavor doesn't even taste like a real grape.