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Location Elizabeth, NJ
Introduction I'm recent college alumnae who graduated with a degree in Art History, Anthropology, and Historic Preservation (whew!). I currently work as an archaeologist and a graphics specialist and hope to one day restore...well everything I can get my hands on. Life is hectic; between work, family and maintaining a social life I hope to entertain you with the ridiculous daily adventures I inevitably always find myself entwined in. Otherwise I'm just a simple girl who happens to be 6' and can be defined by the following: cozy nooks, mass quantities of tea, Italian everything, never wearing shoes, getting dolled up, fresh snow, foreign films, tree houses/swings, candlelight, cheap wine, dirt roads, retail therapy, bonfires, fall foliage, big dogs, sleeping in when it's rainy, hammocks, world traveling, my best friends, and laughing until I cry.