About me

Location Chciago, IL, United States
Introduction I am a woman. I am a wife, lover, and partner, a giver of life and protector of life. I am a mother who feeds and comforts, teaches and learns, gets angry and laughs, and then attempts to let him go. I am a writer. I am a sister and a friend. I am a cancer survivor a woman without a womb. I am strong like steel and strong like waters that flow fluid over rock and sand. I am broken and valiant. I am she who can harm and she who heals, the magician and the innocent, the seeker and the warrior. I am a messy person and a lover of cleaning, an obsessive list maker, a dancer trapped inside an un-athletic body. I am the stories written across my skin and the meaning only the heart can know. I am she who bears witness, present for birth and death, for skinned knees and parties in side the tepee with all the stuffed animals, for the horror that the body can endure and the soul that can against all odds prevail.I am finding my way beyond the map of where I thought I would be and who I am becoming. Here, I move between worlds and ways of being, between the conscious and unconscious, masculine and feminine, illness and wellness. Here I stand, opening myself to hold the whole.