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Occupation Therapist
Location Corry, Pennsylvania, United States
Introduction My name is Kellie and I am (yikes!) 30 years old. I can remember being a kid and thinking that 30 was SO OLD! Maybe the saying is right... that 30 is the new 20? Not that I really want to be 20 again. Maybe 24 (how old I was when I got married) or 27 (how old I was when Addison was born). Those were good years. I am HAPPILY married to my best friend, Dave. I know that sounds cliche to some, but he really is my best friend. He is the only one I can tell absolutely anything too while still making me laugh. I'm not afraid to be silly or cry with him. I have a precocious and hysterical 2 1/2 year old daughter, Addison. She is my WORLD. I have never, ever experienced anything as amazing as being a mom. She makes me laugh and encourages me to take time to enjoy the small things, like learning to play ball while singing "Jesus Loves Me". I'm not entirely sure how creative I am or how well my writing will be and I am willing to give it a shot. The more I write, the more about me I am sure you will learn. I have no idea if anyone will follow me and if you decide that I am interesting enough to follow and want to know more, just ask.