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Gender MALE
Location Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Introduction What about it?
Interests Writing in all its forms, Pop culture, Money, People
Favorite Movies ·David Lynch (especially Lost Highway, Blue Velvet and The Straight Story) ·Woody Allen (post-Annie Hall, especially Deconstructing Harry and Anything Else) ·Tim Burton (especially The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow and the Batmen) ·Martin Scorsese (especially Casino, Bringing Out the Dead, Gangs of New York and Life Lessons) ·Francis Coppola (especially Apocalypse Now, the Godfather trilogy and Dracula) ·Wim Wenders (especially The Million Dollar Hotel, Wings of Desire and Don’t Come Knocking) ·Terry Gilliam (especially Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Munchausen) ·Werner Herzog (especially Nosferatu and Mein Liebster Feind) ·Spike Lee (especially Summer of Sam) ·24 Hour Party People ·Alien (the first 3) ·Analyze This (not That) ·Blue in the Face (a little known gem) ·Casablanca (every line is memorable) ·Dead Poets Society (perfect in every way) ·Fiddler on the Roof ·Irreversible ·Pirates of the Caribbean (especially the first: amazing dialogue) ·Rear Window ·Reservoir Dogs ·Silence of the Lambs ·Spider-Man (1 and 2) ·Stage Beauty ·Thank You For Smoking ·The Believer ·The Dreamers ·The Incredibles ·Trainspotting ·Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (movie and soundtrack) ...and too many others to remember.
Favorite Music ·the holy trinity (Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Lou Reed) ·Joy Division/New Order ·Kraftwerk ·Nick Cave ·Tom Waits ·Roy Orbison ·Leonard Cohen ·Morphine ·The Cramps ·Depeche Mode ·The Sisters of Mercy ·Siouxsie & the Banshees ·Primal Scream ·Björk (especially first 3 albums) ·The Animals ·Einsürzende Neubauten ·The Velvet Underground (especially first 2 albums) ·Benny Goodman ·Gene Krupa ·Louis Prima (especially live) ·Nine Inch Nails (first 4 albums) ·Rammstein (especially first 2 albums) ·Angelo Badalamenti ·Danny Elfman and Oingo Boingo (especially last album) ...plus too many others to list here.
Favorite Books ·Oscar Wilde (especially Dorian Gray) ·The Dreamers by Gilbert Adair ·Everything is Illuminated by J. S. Foer ·Candide by Voltaire ·Venus in Furs by Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch ·Beautiful Losers by Leondard Cohen ·Alice in Wonderland ·Most Gogol ·Most Kafka ·Some Maupassant ·Some Cortázar ·Some T. S. Eliot (The Waste Land, Tradition and the Individual Talent) ·Very little Borges ·Very, very little Poe ·Hamlet ·Othello ·Watchmen by Alan Moore ·Preacher and Hellblazer by Garth Ennis ·Sandman by Neil Gaiman ·Will Eisner (especially A Contract With God and Dropsie Avenue) ·Literary theories by Barthes, Eliot, Hauser, Cortázar, Bal, Genette, Wellek and others