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Gender MALE
Industry Manufacturing
Location Miami, Florida, United States
Introduction I'm a short, chubby, borderline sociopath with a sympathy streak that prevents me from going over sanity's edge. I think...wait what was I saying? Oh I'm also a devout agnostic and a vegetarian. I have a sense of humor that inadvertently insults people that I first meet. I also like comics and the conventions that they bring...(especially the cosplay)I love my sci-fi and can barely tolerate fantasy but there have been exceptions. I guess everything else will come to light if I ever blog?
Interests I say I like writing but I'm suffering from a bout of literary constipation, reading comics, drinking, contemplating the universe and all types of ill shit.
Favorite Movies The Usual Suspects, Batman Begins, Batman Returns, The Dark Knight, Miller's Crossing, Star Wars the original trilogy before Mr. Lucas fucked it, Ghost in the Shell, AI, 2001, 12 Monkeys, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original), Alien Trilogy even the forth one is ok, You know I like a lot of movies so if you ask I let you know.
Favorite Music Digable Planets, MBM, MC 900ft Jesus with DJ Zero, Beethoven, NIN, Johnny Cash, De La Soul, Polysics, Devo, Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Pixies, Same as above I like a lot of music.
Favorite Books Anything by Bukowski, Aldus Huxley, Hunter S. Thompson, Frank Miller, Will Eisner, Also I loved Siddhartha, Cerebus, American Psycho, Einsteins Dreams.

Is this serious?