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Occupation being a boring adolescent
Location Earth, The Milkyway
Introduction well, i'm a young aspiring artist. what medium? who knows. i like all kinds of artistic things. i sing, i dance, i act...oh lord, this sounds like a casting resume to be the next disney channel slave. well anyway, i love photography, painting, drawing, making jewelry out of antique keys, like i said, i love just about every kind of art. i adore fashion. to me, textiles are a kind of medium for art. maybe i'll go into something like that. i don't know. i am a klutzy spastic adolescent who fails at trigonometry, and all advanced classes. i find inspiration in almost EVERYTHING. such as the smell of old rotting drift wood strewn about on a lake side, or a blustery afternoon whipping leaves into tornadoes. i also am addicted to anything CHANEL. CHANEL=LOVE. i love marc jacobs too and dior, and any avant garde fashions. i love shopping at forever 21, H&M, even the thrift store, cause you can always find unique pieces there, or brand new pieces for dirt cheep. like a 98.99 dollar ADORABLE cardigan with the tags on it for 6 dollars. HAHA VICTORY! indie music is my passion. especially rad bands like the kooks and the arctic monkeys,or the shins, and coldplay.