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Industry Student
Location Utah, United States
Introduction I am red. I am classic. I am not embarrassed. My blushing cheeks are not of red anxiety, but fierce red passion. I embrace heat: sunburn or rhetoric. I am the vigor of youth and the satisfaction of wisdom. I am an ever-beating heart. I am fall leaves- sudden and rarely subtle. I am stunning. I wear red nail polish. I do not like; I love. I love blood. It reminds me that I am human and vulnerable. I love full tender lips. I believe in love. I believe in trust. My red blood is royal. Prince Charming is real. I am a connoisseur of living; we are the best kind of company to keep. I dislike anger, rashes, and stains. I dislike the red anger of hate, the blinding nature of rash judgment, and the stain of pride. I dislike pessimism and cynicism, communism and racism. I abhor deception: blind folds, secrets, half-truths, and fake smiles. I dream bold. I dream of perfect men. I sometimes dream in black and white. Sometimes I dream in Spanish, sometimes in Mandarin. I don’t speak Chinese. My letter is scarlet. I willingly disobey. I will never bridle my passion. I am always in bloom. I have no need for rouge. The pink in my cheeks is passion. It always burns.
Interests fishing, kissing, eating, baking, cuddling, reading, gardening, tanning, swimming, movies, learning, English, advertising
Favorite Movies Beauty and the Beast, August Rush, Pride and Prejudice, Where the Heart is
Favorite Music Country- old and new
Favorite Books Harry Potter series, Jane Eyre, Twilight series, Animal Farm, Book of Mormon

When you open your eyes underwater, do you ever worry that you'll drown?

No. I was made to be in water. I will someday be a mermaid.