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Occupation Mom
Location Buffalo, New York
Introduction I have 100 pounds to loose, and a triathlon in 1 year, this is about that journey. I am a mom to 2 girls, Riley, and Sophia age 2 and 7 weeks. I am a wife to Ryan, and a stay-at-home mom(mostly). Now why I decided to blog......I am fat, there is no other pretty word for it, I am not plump, chubby, big boned or any of those other nice words for I am fat, obese, and any other word that hurts to see. But I will be honest I am 250, yes I am that big. In the past 3 years I quit smoking, and had two babies. Now that may be part of why I am fat, but mostly its because I eat, I love to eat, and when I eat I eat a lot. I started weight watchers 2 days ago, and sit here bored, and wanting to eat so I decided I am going to blog my journey to loose 100 pounds. So here it goes....