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Location U.S. Outlying Islands
Introduction Meet Kim, Lacey, Melissa & Nikki. We met thru a website. It’s a friendship based on emails and texts & Friday night drunk texts! We’re all VERY different. Some are full of tats and holes. Some obsess over shoes and purses. Some like Broadway musicals. Three have kids. We do have things in COMMON, we love to cook, rant about our hubbys & want to be thinner. Our cooking styles vary. Kim, 40, Texas, a working mom of two teenagers, aka “Hooker Cooker” cooks cheap, easy & quick, like a hooker. She likes food toys and prefers not to provide manual food manipulation. Lacey’s 32, Oregon, into alternative cooking: sprouted grain flour, buffalo meat, etc. She’s known as the “Alternative Ά la carte”. She has a daughter (3) and feeds her organically. She’s proud of her BAs in Religious Studies and Art History. Melissa’s 37, South Carolina, our own “Gifted Gourmet” & “Spam Queen”. She’s won over 75 cooking competitions & has a magazine feature. Her daughter is in college. Nikki’s 24, Ohio, & is our “Wild Card” She’s a mix of everything, all natural without breaking the bank, healthy but not uberweird. Nikki has dogs, not kids. That sums up the Four Chicks!
Interests Cooking, easy cooking, meals in a minute, making over a Martha or Julia meal so it's easy.