Ettore Garzia

About me

Gender Male
Location Manfredonia, Foggia, Italy
Introduction I asked my mother to come into the world while the notes of an organ resounded in a religious Mass/When I was child I loved the story of the adventures of Pinocchio scripted by Comencini and especially the music of Fiorenzo Carpi/ a musical revelation was the listening of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony on vinyl played in my class in middle school/I studied piano for two years/I tried to listen to any musical genre, because in all genres you can find good music/sacred music untill the time of Monteverdi is a priceless heritage/the "opera" is one of the overvalued events of the musical history/World music is another essential asset/Avant-garde jazz can claim the same importance of classical music/the musical "champions", those who make the styles, are easily recognizable by few elements/I read many books about music/I want to support anyone who contributes to the development and research on the music field/My blog is an open space, so you're always the welcome in it.