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Introduction Sophia is Greek in origin and means "wisdom" while Lunetta is Italian for "Little moon". For me this combination represents how the different phases of our lives bring wisdom; that the human experience, like the moon cycle, is ever changing. Death and rebirth, not necessarily in the literal sense, is a constant reminder of our own immortality and can bring deeper understanding of our purpose here on earth. This blog was created as place for reflecting on a period in my life that redefined my role as mother, friend, sister, daughter, teacher and wife. Wife is listed last not because it ranks as least important but because cancer ended this role prematurly. Until this happened to my family a cancer survivor was someone who was diagnosed, treated, and cured of the disease. I now understand that survivorship also applies to those of us left reeling from a loss we watched unfold. The experience, and ripple effect of said loss, should be viewed as a rebirth lest the loss become an unbearable burden. For this reason Sophia Lunetta is also a blog about life after death; about entering the next phase with the wisdom gained by witnessing first-hand the cycle of life.