Dee Amanda Russel

About me

Introduction ~ Fair and softly goes far ~ is a quote by Cervantes, but is also the name of the blog by Mrs. Dee who rather remains incognito (for now), but who is very much real. In daily life Mrs. Dee has a job in publishing. Imagine her living (in the Netherlands) somewhere near the sea with her husband, Egyptian temple cat and little one year old boy. On lilac or pink days she blogs about what she thinks is beautiful or inspirational. She tries to live consciously and with respect for Mother Nature and will occasionally let loose her thrifting self. Besides that she has a passion for literature, art, design, paper, photography, crafting and all other things that make up the silver lining of life. Mrs. Dee is usually not one to sum up or explain. Her philosophical self tries to keep things simple, for she believes happiness can be found in the little things. This blog is the world seen through Mrs. Dee’s eyes. She hopes it brings you joy and inspiration!